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Custom Software Development.

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We are a Software Development company

We are a leading European software development company. Owned and run by Dutch and Lithuanian entrepreneurs, we help you bring your ideas to life.

With a vision to revolutionize the way software development works for SMEs, we at Xplicity, are striving hard to deliver the quality above expected in a timely manner through effective and productive communication.

software development

Software Development for web and mobile

Our highly qualified software developers are ready to collaborate with you on projects, both: possible and impossible. We strive to see beyond technical or humane limitations.

Custom software development, mobile app development, desktop app development, web app development – has never been easier. Get a quote now, start your free trial and watch your ideas come to life!

software development

IT Outsourcing to Xplicity

We provide software development remotely, serving countries all around the world. There is no need for in-house development department as Xplicity provides you with a software development team, closer than in-house

The speed at which your idea is developed - in your hands. We are known and valued for our close-knit relationships with our clients, exceptional communication, and the delivery of the best possible result

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Technology and Communication

We use the latest technologies to create desktop, web and mobile based, cross platform applications that adapt, scale, and perform flawlessly.

Our developers listen to what you have to say and deliver the end result on time and above your highest expectations. We provide flexibility and optimization when your project requires for it. Your idea - our priority.

Our focus goes beyond the price.

We provide added value in order to deliver the best possible result. Get a quote for your next project now and start a free trial!

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