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Xplicity Academy

Xplicity Academy is a free of charge, 2-week intensive learning course that includes both: theoretical and practical software development sessions.

It’s created to support students in the IT study programs by providing them with real life examples of the best coding practices.

How it Works

Xplicity Academy is a student enabler. It teaches, mentors, and guides those with limited coding knowledge to their future selves.

The Academy is designed to shape talents to fit today's market demand in the IT sector. It does what universities can't - provides an individual with the practical knowledge and the most demanded skills

Quality over quantity

In order to provide quality over quantity, Xplicity Academy is only able to host limited amount of students each year.

Out of all applicants, only 12 of the most promising talents are selected. Lecturers and key note speakers are chosen based on the interests of the future participants. Activities include: workshops, team buildings, practical tasks, seminars, etc.

 Join us and make your Summer count!

The Academy’s space is lively, modern and full of great vibes. Register now.

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