The mission of the Xplicity’s Academy is to provide an opportunity for motivated beginners to strengthen and gain practical knowledge in various technologies or help to re-qualify. Xplicity believe that Academy creates the value and expands Lithuanian IT talent pool. The company knows that the voice of business is needed to ensure the country is developing engineers with the skills and knowledge needed for the workforce of today and of tomorrow.

Academy’s students are challenged not only to write clean code but also to look for technical solutions that can be practically applied. Attendees are introduced to IT products of Xplicity’s customers that are being utilized all around the world.

Following the academy, the most motivated people are invited to start their career within Xplicity or partner companies. If you want to participate in this journey, we encourage you to register to the event.


Xplicity C# Academy Program

Academy Mentors

Selection Process

Register while you can. Registration is open until the 9th of July.

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Interview. Do well on your test and we will invite you for the interview.

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