What makes a good C# developer?

Feb. 21, 2018

Being a C# .NET company, Xplicity is always on the lookout for the most talented C# developers out there. With this in mind, we have asked a few developers, team leads, and CEO to share their expert opinion on what should be the traits of a star C# developer.

C# is a clean, modern, widely used, object-oriented programming language. Developed by Microsoft’s Anders Hejlsberg 19 years ago, it is now a part of the .NET framework. The demand for skilled and experienced C# developers is on the rise at the moment, and the answers to the question of what is a star C# and a .NET developer is must-to-know information.

When conducting the interviews, one of the main questions asked was “What would you like your teammates, the people you work with on a daily basis, be?”

As described by our own C# .NET developers, the never-ending list of the characteristics an excellent C# developer should have, includes not only technical skills but also most desired character traits.

Paulius Juozelskis:

A good .NET C# developer has to not only know the main principles of the architecture of the software but also know objective programming, principles of SOLID, and design patterns. It is just as important for the programmer to be motivated to learn new technologies as it is to improve existing knowledge constantly.

Tautvydas Vaitiekūnas:

When it comes to the technical side of things, it’s essential for the developer to know the principles of the technology he’s working with. This way it’s easy to avoid mistakes and write good code quicker. He or she should understand the good practices, like SOLID, YANG, and others, it also helps if you’re aware of the tools you can use to write and test the code.

As for the character traits, I think one of the most important things to foster is discipline: to get good results, you need to perform consistently, follow the rules. A programmer has to like what he or she is doing, otherwise, the motivation will be quickly lost. Also, it’s important to always be aware and interested in new technologies as the IT world moves forward rapidly.

Viktoras Brasas:

Any good developer, not necessarily a C# developer, is someone, who when facing a problem manages to analyze it and creatively solve it.

Andrius Tolvaišis:

Any good developer, regardless of the technologies in use, whether it’d be Java or C# or PHP, will swiftly soak up new information, analyze different sources of information, and apply already accumulated knowledge depending on the situation. He or she must be a quick learner.

Client needs tend to change during the process of development, therefore, flexibility is needed. It is good when a developer can adapt to changes smoothly, and it is even better when he or she can predict them! Ideally, at all times, the programmer should create a flexible code.

Teamwork is another inextricable part of a developer’s life. Most of the time, developers communicate not only with other developers or a team lead, but it is also designers, marketing, customer support, etc. that they have to take into consideration. Moderate teamwork is the key. A developer has to be able to express his or her opinion freely and not to be scared to ask if something is unclear.

A good C# .NET developer has to find the balance between the quality code and time. He or she needs to understand that the finest solution might not always be the best one as it might take too much time to write. The client cares not about the number of design patterns in the code but the functionality of it.

Marius Radvilavičius:

I wouldn’t want to define only a C# developer. This applies to most of the developers out there.

First of all, a good developer needs to love what he or she does, programming should be the driving force. Columbus would have been a good developer, he has always looked for something new, he has always analyzed, and asked questions why and how.

A good developer also will always feel the pulse of the world and where it is going, will always be aware of the needs of the market and will want to be competitive. The qualities that every programmer should have are the ability to listen, hear, and foresee things. Flexibility and ability to adapt to the changes in situations are also necessary: he or she might not know a specific programming language but recognizing the design patterns and algorithms, will let them quickly find similarities and solve the problem.

In my opinion, a good developer should also be slightly altruistic: always help teammates, be a trustworthy team player, someone who glues the team.

Lukas Berulis:

I think that an excellent C# developer and, any developer, has to be able to adapt and be flexible. He should not only know how to program but also continuously learn and teach others. Programming is an area where simply remembering what you know is not enough, and you will eventually become less competitive. Nobody needs new products made with old technologies.  

Povilas Gribas:

Everything starts with motivation and determination. The problem-solving skills are very valuable and shorten the road to becoming a good developer, but I think everything can be achieved with the help of honest and hard work. I think any good developer will always have these character traits: perseverance, motivation, and logical thinking.

The traits that I wish all my colleagues would have are a willingness to share the knowledge and openness. Everyone needs to understand that cooperation beats the competition all the time. Information and knowledge need to flow freely, in the scope of the whole company, then the level of competence in the company will rise unanimously.

Ričardas Novošinskas:

Empathy - a developer needs to think like a client.

Pragmatism - he or she needs to understand the fundamental processes of a business, deadlines, software, etc. You can aim for perfection, but sometimes effective shortcuts are necessary for the quick release of the product.

Precision - every pixel matters.

Analytical thinking and a desire to improve.

To sum up all the answers, it is clear that, it’s not about the technical knowledge or skills anymore, they seem to be thought of as innate, a common sense. Today it’s more about benevolence, teamwork, willingness to learn and teach. Creativity and problem solving aren’t the last in the list, thinking outside of the box is often what is desired the most in great programmers.

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