What encourages clients choosing you? (Interview)

Oct. 9, 2018


What encourages clients choosing some certain software development outsourcing company among many others? What features or resources should this company have? Short interview with our new client Agiboo will reveal some reasons of key importance.


Our new client from Netherlands is AGIBOO. AGIBOO develops commodity trading and risk management software, AGIBLOCKS CTRM, with a focus on agricultural and soft commodities markets. Agiblocks CTRM is the first Commodity Trade and Risk Management software solution that really simplifies the daily practices of commodity trade professionals. Designed by traders, Agiblocks provides all the functionality for trading physical commodities and their market instruments. It supports contract management, logistics fulfillment, forex and hedging and it has powerful tools for real-time risk analysis and risk management. Being built on the latest technology AGIBLOCKS offers a flexible and scalable Cloud based CTRM solution.


At this point Xplicity and Agiboo built their tight business relationship which was based on a good mutual understanding of the outsourcing challenges. Having the AGIBOO CEO Mr.Bart Kroon visiting Xplicity office, we decided to make a short interview and find out what features are essential for today's software development outsourcing companies.


As Bart Kroon, CEO of Agiboo company says: "We chose Xplicity based on our expectations we could have relationship with longevity, team stability, high productivity and product quality and scalability. We have been given the assurance by the quality of candidates and by the track record that Xplicity shared in attracting highly talented developers in the early part of their career. We have discussed the track record of being able to work somewhat self-supporting and at the same time to be part of client organization. Last but not least the development rate and fee structure need to reflect objectives."


"Our goal with Xplicity is to grow somewhat self-supporting development team that contributes to our long term functionality growth of our application Agiblocks. The collaboration with Xplicity also enables us to scale up and scale down development resources along the development of our company, whilst maintaining the domain knowledge secured in a core team." - says Mr.Bart.


To the question what according to Mr.Bart's opinion were the most important features of reliable software development company, he highlighted "The ability to attract and retain talent, the ability offer stable self-supporting teams that will behave as they are part of your internal organization."


To sum up, we are happy to grow together with our client and proud to hear so many words of trust. Also, it is obvious that our main values such as transparency, agile learning, responsiveness and commitment to results helps Xplicity moving forward. Even though there's no one secret way suitable for all situations we for sure know one thing: we are highly motivated by achieving results for our clients and succeeding together.



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