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When a company with a huge IT infrastructure starts migrating its computers to a new Windows version, there is a myriad of hiccups that might get in the way of an upgrade. Those range from something trivial as not having enough hard drive space for the update to complete showstoppers like a core business application that is not working on a particular Windows version.

About the product

For the need to ensure a smooth and painless transition by giving the management ability to track the upgrade process, IDM’s eReadiness application was born. It allows the company to import the data about all the clients within the company and their individual ecosystems – hardware and applications. This data is then ran against the requirements of the update and the support status of the wanted OS version. The results can be viewed in various predefined or user created reports or exported for further processing.

IDM software screenshot

The Challenge

eReadiness is a relatively new product that was close to the release and needed more features and polish as the pilot deadline was nearing fast. The work at hand was a bit too much for a single person to handle in time for an initial product presentation.

ereadiness app

The Solution

A small team at Xplicity was formed to tackle this task. It had to quickly adapt to the technology stack and the architecture that was used throughout the project. In a couple of weeks, team mebers were able to get up to speed and add to the pushing force to meet the deadline.

The team introduced a more streamlined approach to development by employing Scrum\Agile which in turn brought in the predictability by providing the disciplined ordering of the work by priority and development transparency.

The main benefit to IDM was that with minimal effort they had a core development team that was past the forming stage, knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses and was able to perform well under tight schedules.


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