LoginAM Automation Machine

Xplicity has been a core contributor to the creation of the Login AM software product: a solution that automates the creation and updating of master images. Login has been in charge of core project management processes throughout this collaboration.

The Problem

The Dutch-American virtualized desktop solution developer Login VSI, found it challenging to recruit in-house developers to contribute to their Login AM solution; and decided to work with the Xplicity co-sourcing team instead. The main reasons why Xplicity has been selected were the great price-output ratio and the readily available team of efficient developers. This solved their staffing requirements and facilitated the progress of their development operations, through seamless collaboration between Login and Xplicity, who have worked together as one team.

Product Goals

Some of the goals that Login aimed for with this collaboration were to:

–         Facilitate new feature implementation in the future.

–         Constantly add new features.

–         Ensure feature consistency between Login products and allow switching features between their solutions.

–         Reduce errors to a minimum.

–         Improve the overall user experience.

–         Find innovative ideas to implement within their product.

The Solution

To ensure the success of this collaboration, Login and Xplicity have implemented an interchangeable team who would use Scrum/Agile methods to manage the project; with constant 2 week sprints combined with pair programming. A process roadmap and convenient milestone deadlines ensured that the highest quality standards were met. Constant communication was maintained and for major features, both Login and Xplicity team members were flying to each other’s offices, for uncompromised teamwork.

The Results

Xplicity and Login have implemented .NET classic and core, c#, WPF, SOLID and other programing techniques to enhance Login’s core engine and create seamless features for Login AM – The solution that allows developers to automate, maintain and deploy virtual environments with the highest quality possible.

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