System for scoring and administering Kendo tournaments

Kyumeikan school is organizing a Kendo tournament. For that they need a scoring and administering system. A team of internship apprentices developed the system for the tournament.  

The Problem

Kyumeikan Kendo school needed a solution for administering and scoring kendo tournaments - a software which would be able to process registration forms, automatically split participants into groups and generate brackets for each fight, fill out the protocol of the tournament, and display the results during the tournament.

The Goals

To create a platform for:

  • Administration of the tournaments.
  • Registration of the participants.
  • Automatic bracketing of each registration.
  • Linking each participant in the protocol.
  • Displaying the results on a screen.
  • A possible registration of more than one tournament.

The Result

Node.js, React, and MongoDB was used to develop the system. At this stage of development, the software successfully creates a tournament, enables registration, split fights into different categories, generate a tournament table, fill out the protocol, to display the results of the tournament on screens, update the results. Developers chose Node.js because it is lightweight and doesn't require a lot of CPU. React provided speed, scalability, and clarification. The application is built using javascript, and dominating objects are in JSON format, therefore, the use of MongoDB was logical.

The Solution

Two interns were chosen to develop Kendo scoring and administering system. Over the course of two months, they have developed a fully functional system. After testing, they will proceed to improve the system. Agile/Scrum project managing method was used. 


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