TeamShare App by Lector

TeamShare is an office environment on the cloud with a varied set of functionalities that help a business manage its data online and offline.

About TeamShare App

TeamShare is an office environment with a varied set of functionalities that help a business manage its data in the cloud.  The web platform provides a wide toolset for project management and inner-communication for projects, while the app should provide the ability to work on projects and manage files in the field.

The Task

The task was to develop a solution for Android smartphones to consume the API and provide a subset of the functionality while being offline. In its core, the application allows the preview and modification and organization of files on the web and offline.


The app was developed in Xamarin Android, the preferred C# wrapper for Android, using SQLite as the database, while somewhat adhering to Material Design specifications to maintain the standard look and feel. File preview is accomplished with Mozilla’s PDF.js framework, while editing is deferred to external applications. File editing is complemented with a versioning system and allows viewing project development at a glance.  Being feature-configurable by the server and maintaining communication via the comment system, the application ties in seamlessly to the TeamShare product.

In conclusion the app became a part of the ecosystem allowing businesses to organize and store data. A tool to communicate and work on projects, an absolute necessity for many companies.



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