Obfuscator – proof of concepts

Jan. 27, 2018

by Nikita Laukhin, Team Lead at Login VSI & Xplicity


What is the obfuscation and why do we need it?
1. Tool stack
2. Obfuscation modes
2.1. Metadata renaming
2.2. String obfuscation
2.3. Code injection
2.4. Assembly flags
3. Disadvantages


Obfuscation is a very popular tool for .NET developers. Many successful companies use it for their products. However, each tool requires time (which equals money) investment. Obfuscation cannot protect your code from disassembly/hack; it can scramble the hacking process and put many obstacles in the hacker’s way. Combined with continuous delivery and frequent releases it can make the process of hacking your source code too long, too tricky and eventually – unreasonable.

This white paper briefly explains how to do it as well as if you should it.

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